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JLS Family Enterprises, LLC is a professional services and technology company that provides management systems and professional services to organizations that manage healthcare for correctional institutions.
Our Flagship Product, BATCH™, includes a web based front-end application that manages the entire health care cycle of an inmate including Institutional clinic visits, off-site services, ER/Inpatient stays, and provides a vast array of reports for the tracking of access to care/timeliness of care issues required by the ACA, JCAHO, and the NCCHC.

Complimenting our front-end process is a completely automated claims processing system that can provide rapid claims adjudication as well as unlimited financial and management reports. In addition to our technology, we offer QA and professional review services and expertise that may not be internally available.
Our client base includes hospitals and other correctional health service contractors. We
provide companies that wish to do business with correctional facilities with technology
that is typically only available to large health insurance organizations with vast resources

         JLS Family Enterprises has the resources and flexibility to provide customized solutions for almost any need.

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